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The Surprise Citizen Patrol was created in 1997 to help ensure a safe environment by providing quality customer service to the people who live and work in the City of Surprise. This volunteer based program is currently comprised of 62 highly-trained men and women who donate their time and skills in the furtherance of the Police Department Mission. Members of the Surprise Citizen Patrol wear uniforms and operate patrol vehicles while performing a wide variety of valuable services.

Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood Watch programs empower communities to take a proactive roll in crime prevention. Many neighborhoods already have neighborhood watch programs, which are vibrant and effective. For those that do not, neighborhood watch programs provide an effective means to make their families, businesses, communities and their nation a safer place to live.

An effective neighborhood watch program is the cornerstone of all crime prevention programs. It enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce burglaries and other neighborhood crimes. Its primary purpose is the protection of property, yours and your neighbors. Neighborhood watch participants practice operation identification, key holder, vacation watch and neighbor-to-neighbor security survey programs. The goal of the program is to have neighborhoods take personal responsibility, report suspicious activity and practice sound risk management.

Citizens Patrol: The greatest asset a community has in fighting crime is a mobilized, active group of citizens that work together to reduce conditions that are likely to bring on crime. Our Citizen’s Patrol (CP) forms a working partnership between the citizens of Surprise and the Police Department. In addition to assisting police officers and patrolling the streets of Surprise, the CP’s assist with traffic control at accidents, crime scenes and special events. Additional duties include radar deployment and speed compliance programs,

The White Tank Mountain Regional Park entered the Maricopa County park system in 1961 and its master plan was written in 1964. Many components of the master plan have never come into fruition while at the same time public use has often dictated when and where development has occurred. This update to the master plan is to bring those disparities back into alignment and to steer future development of the park. This plan is based on a 20-year outlook and should be referred to on a regular basis and updated if needed. This plan is meant to be flexible while also providing long-term direction to the Park Supervisor, senior management, the public, and other interested parties while continuing to protect the park’s resources both natural and built.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park is a component of the Maricopa County regional park system and is to date the largest at 29,572 acres and features rugged mountain terrain, gentle foothills, and open valley views. The system includes ten parks or conservation areas that comprise over 120,000 acres and encircle the Phoenix metropolitan area. The park system provides recreational and educational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park offers approximately 30 miles of excellent shared-use trails, ranging in length from 0.9 mile to 7.9 miles, and difficulty from …

Vision and Mission This plan aligns with the vision and mission set forth by the Department. The vision and mission are:

“Our vision is to connect people with nature through regional parks, trails and programs, inspire an appreciation for the Sonoran Desert and natural open spaces, and create life-long positive memories.”

“Our mission, through responsible stewardship, is to provide the highest quality parks, trails, programs, services and experiences that energize visitors and create life-long users and advocates.”