Mayor Skip Hall

The City of Surprise archives are a mess, they should be brought up to date. How anyone can read the archives is beyond me.

The open meeting law does not specify exactly what a notice/agenda item for an executive session must say or how detailed it must be.  As a result, it is not clear whether this suffices.  At a minimum, I think it would probably be a better practice for the City to indicate what pending litigation it is talking about if possible.

Appointees serve until the next municipal election, which means they make decisions that shape the future of our city for up to two years before voters are able to weigh in.

It would be one thing if it were only a handful of Council members, but when the majority of our ‘elected’ officials are handpicked by their fellow politicians, we have a much larger problem at hand.

The Surprise appointment process cannot continue. As Surprise residents, we want a future where all Council members are democratically elected by us voters.

City Council Outside Appointments

AZ League of Cities Executive CommitteeMayor Skip Hall
Joint Planning Advisory CouncilCouncilmember Ken Remley
Luke West Valley CouncilCouncilmember Nancy Hayden
MAG Human Services CouncilCouncilmember Nancy Hayden
MAG Regional CouncilMayor Skip Hall
MAG Transportation Policy CouncilMayor Skip Hall
Surprise Regional ChamberCouncilmember Patrick Duffy
Valley Metro RPTAVice Mayor Roland F. Winters Jr.
WESTMARC Board of DirectorsCouncilmember Patrick Duffy
West Valley Mayors & ManagersMayor Skip Hall
White Tanks ConservancyCouncilmember Chris Judd