In the Past

Gov. Janet Napolitano signed into law a measure that fines cities that put taxes in developers’ pockets in exchange for their business. She deserves commendation.

Napolitano said. “The use of tax incentives to pit Maricopa County towns and cities against each other is not in the interest of Arizona or its taxpayers.”
Cities could keep offering incentives, but their state-shared revenues would be reduced, dollar-for-dollar.
Unfortunately, the new law can’t unravel the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals in Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise and other cities. That money is lost.
Even still, some city leaders are bemoaning the new law, saying it will derail economic development in their communities. They also claim the law will devalue state trust land because cities no longer will be able to offset costly land improvements . The money saved might be sufficient to buttress public safety budgets. Make no mistake, flaws exist in the current law, which takes effect Jan. 1.
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