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Running for Office?

Candidates running for office in Arizona are able to upload their nomination paperwork online! Candidates will also be able to upload a photograph of themselves along with a campaign message that will appear on the election website.

Candidates running for federal, statewide, or legislative office in Arizona may now collect 100% of their required nomination petition signatures (all candidates) or $5 Qualifying Contributions (publicly-funded candidates only) through the E-Qual system. E-Qual enables eligible voters to electronically sign these petitions or make these contributions. And for candidates that still wish to gather signatures on paper, our system enables a candidate to electronically design a nomination petition (including insertion of the candidate’s photo) that may be printed for in-person circulation.

Officeholder Annual Financial Disclosure Statements

If you are a current officeholder and are required to file an annual Financial Disclosure Statement with the Secretary of State’s office, you may fill it out using this Portal. Log in or create an account, fill out the form electronically, upload and submit. It’s that easy! © 2020 Arizona Secretary of State V2.2