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9-304. Compensation of alderman or councilman; failure to comply; classification

A. No mayor, alderman or councilman of any city or town shall, during the term for which he has been elected, knowingly accept, take or receive for his own use from the city or town, any money or other thing of value other than that which is provided to be paid him for his services as such.

B. A person who violates any provision of this section is guilty of a petty offense, and his office shall be forfeited.

C. The fine as provided in subsection B shall be deposited in the school fund of the county in which the city or town is located.

I asked the city if the council members had a limit on their spending for travel & training. Received the answer below.

The City Council has $45,000 set aside for travel and training amongst all 7 Councilmembers. Typically, we break it down by district representative and the Mayor has slightly more but at the end of the day, and for budgetary purposes – there is $45,000. As an fyi, this has not increased in at least 6 years and there has never come a time when the Council has used all of it. Mayor Wolcott had travelled substantially more than any other Councilmember so when she was Mayor, more of it was utilized during her duration than current years.