1 st Quarter FY19 ACHIEVEMENTS

● 1 Firefighter recruit was hired on 7/2/18, Ms. Allie Corse-Sco ● 1 Civilian EMT was hired on 7/2/18, Mr. Jordan Neumann ● FF Jeff Thomas was promoted to the rank of Fire Captain on 9/10/18 ● 1 Fire Inspector posion filled, Mr. Travis Samuelson was hired on 9/24/18 ● Staffed the Annual COS 4th of July event at the Surprise Stadium ● The 2018 Captain’s promoonal exam was completed in late September 2018 ● FF Penner & FF Franzmeier successfully completed Paramedic Training on 9/21/18 ● FF Anderson started Paramedic Training on 9/24/18 ● 4 members aended the ImageTrend Training Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota ● Architect & contractor for FS304 bond project have been selected ● One Step Beyond (OSB) volunteer program has increased to 3 volunteers, 5 days a week