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Political Culture of the Municipality
Many local governments have an established political culture with certain expectations and practices that often determine what is seen as acceptable in local politics. In municipalities with an undeveloped or underdeveloped political culture, accountability and legitimacy is usually low and principles of ethics in government are not established. This can encourage corruption to take hold in the local government because citizens do not know what is considered corrupt, and local officials are not afraid to be corrupt because of the low accountability. In some places the local governments have been corrupt for so long that the citizens think that is how it is supposed to work because that is all they have been exposed to. Long periods of political instability will also lead to corruption in the government because people are unsure of how the government should operate, and thus do not know what practices are corrupt or how to stop them if they are corrupt.
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During an audit, we noted that the employee wage amounts included on the Personal Action Form did not always agree to the actual current pay of the employee. We recommend the City review its policies and procedures over payroll to ensure that the documentation included in the employee’s personnel file agrees to the actual amounts being paid.
The city has undergone several major audits in recent years, uncovering a decade of financial missteps and poor practices. Here’s a summary of the major audits and reports released to date.

Tony Lombardo The Arizona Republic Dec. 11, 2007 08:46 AM
Surprise City Council members have scheduled interviews Thursday with an investigator from the Attorney General’s Office to discuss possible violations of the Arizona Open Meeting Law.
The state began investigating council actions after City Manager Jim Rumpeltes in June accused council members of meeting outside public view.

Lily Leung
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 18, 2007 09:18 AM
Surprise’s beleaguered city manager announced his retirement Monday, two months after Mayor Joan Shafer said she wanted him fired by the time she steps down at year’s end.
Jim Rumpeltes, who’s been with Surprise six years, has been shrouded in controversy for months.

Vukanovich says mayor should operate as city’s CEO
Tony Lombardo
The Arizona Republic Jul. 31, 2007 01:59
Surprise mayoral candidate Bob Vukanovich attends nearly every City Council meeting, often criticizing the city’s leaders openly. The 78-year-old resident and former councilman considers his outspoken attitude a reason to get residents’ votes. “I’m the only one who can rattle the cage hard enough,” Vukanovich said the mayor should have a strong role in leading the city, and should operate as the CEO.
This is not a new view for Vukanovich. While he represented District 5, from 2001 to 2004, he supported granting more power to the mayor and council, and allowing them to fire certain department heads. Under the city code, only the city manager has the power to hire and fire department heads.
Vukanovich was recalled in 2004 in part for seeking the power to fire department heads, losing in the recall election to current Councilman Joe Johnson.
As mayor, Vukanovich said he would keep a close watch to make sure all city departments were “operating efficiently.” He suggests creating a committee to audit the efficiency of city departments and to ensure everyone is keeping up with city responsibilities.
Before tackling the city’s growth problem, Vukanovich said leaders should first improve transportation. Vukanovich said he would want Bell Road repaired on a faster schedule, and he wants a dependable bus system.
In terms of business, Vukanovich said he would like to see an entertainment center “like Disneyland” to serve recreational needs in the city.
In 2000, Vukanovich faced problems with the city, receiving public-nuisance violation notices for deteriorated and dilapidated structures and zoning violations at his swap-meet business in Surprise. It has since shut down.
Vukanovich said his past problems with the city would not hurt his campaign today, and he vowed not to shy away from the issues.
Vukanovich admits he is a man of few words, but said he is always a straight shooter.

20 hours ago • Ronald J. Hansen The Arizona Republic
New Fort Collins Deputy City Manager/Chief Operating Officer Announced Released on Friday, March 7, 2014 City Manager Darin Atteberry has named Jeff Mihelich as Fort Collins’ new Deputy City Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Mihelich begins on April 2, with a starting salary of $170,000.
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Tony Lombardo
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 27, 2007 06:47 AM
Raises for Surprise City Council members will take effect Tuesday, the day that newly elected leaders take office.

Council members are receiving a bump up of 15 percent, while the vice mayor gets a 13 percent raise and the mayor a 7 percent hike. Salaries for the council and the vice mayor will be $20,242. The mayor will be paid $34,030.

Tennis Court At the council meeting last night, March 22,2007 I made the point that the city started this project with $4,710,000. After the first contract that was for $1,247,656 they had a balance of $3,051,524.17. Where did $410,829,17 go. Councilman Joe Johnson told me “MONEY IS GONE”. City official told me that the money is accountable for, I cannot verify this.
Original Townsite 1/18/07
The 10% slush fund can now be used for the revitalization in any part of the city.

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It seems highly unusual that the court can now hire high paid, associate and pro-tem judges without the approval of the City Council. I understand they do not work under a contract, even our part time lawyers have a contract. When I was on the Council the court had to get our approval to hire security officers. Thank you….Bob 3/13/07 no reply

I have had discussions with both the City manager and AC manager, about my concerns about the engineering department.

Do any of us know what we have payed, in engineering consultants? We now pay what they call pre-construction consultants. Who I am told by staff verifies that what we receive from the architect is viable, one contract recently was for almost $700,000. A council member took this off the consent items but did not receive the right answer

Attachments: Iris Groundbreaking Press Release.doc (258 KB) IRIS Groundbreaking Program and Map.pdf (548.5 KB)
Good afternoon,
Attached please find a news release and program from IRIS USA announcing the ground breaking for their manufacturing, distribution and Western U.S. Regional Headquarters in Surprise. Surprise elected officials and city staff will be in attendance to celebrate our new business neighbor.
IRIS USA represents a nearly $40 million investment, 100 new jobs and $800,000 of new city revenues in the first year of operations.
When: Thursday, May 21, 11 a.m. Where: Skyway Business Park, Surprise (please see map in attached program)
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S‌urprise, A‌Z (February 11, 2016) The city of Surprise, in partnership with GateWay Community College, broke ground today on the future site of the Surprise-GateWay Training Center, a facility that will provide new, mission critical labs, assembly facilities and classrooms for city water professionals and individuals interested in water resource management careers.
The 13,100 square foot training center is being constructed on the grounds of the South Plant (SPA1) Water Reclamation Facility, located near the intersection of Cactus and Litchfield roads. SPA1 currently processes over 8 million gallons of water per day.
When completed, GateWay Community College enrollees in the West Valley will have an opportunity to train adjacent to professional staff and experience the complete water reclamation and treatment process for both groundwater and drinking water.
Construction on the Surprise-GateWay Training Center is anticipated to be completed this summer and training opportunities opening as early as this fall.
For information about the training center, call 623.222.6000.

Paul Giblin
The Republic |
Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:17 PM

The fighter-jet training program underscores the importance of the military and the defense industry to the state’s economy, Weiers said.
How many F-35s will be based at Luke?
144 F-35s are expected.

Six squadrons The 61st Squadron, which goes by the nickname “Top Dogs,” is the first of six F-35 squadrons
A: Luke will serve as the Air Force’s primary training site for F-35 pilots.

The transition at Luke from its F-16 pilot-training program to the F-35 pilot-training program will increase the base’s personnel by about 2,300 — to 9,200, according to the Air Force.

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City of Surprise

Hello Mr. Vukanovuch,

Thank you for your question. We only televise the close of the Council meeting, following an executive session, if there is remaining action to be taken by the Council. The Mayor or meeting Chair makes that announcement before they go into executive session. If there is no action planned after the executive session, then we do not keep staff on site to televise the adjournment, as that is legally captured in the minutes kept by the City Clerk.

Thank you,


City of Surprise skip hall mayor

Councils oks new Veterans, Disability and Human Services Commission

The Surprise City Council moved to approve the formation of a volunteer Veterans, Disability and Human Services Commission at Tuesday’s regular council meeting.
The 11-member advisory commission will assist in the development of city programming related to these three focus areas.
The city will recruit for a full-time staff member within the Human Service and Community Vitality (HSCV) Department to serve as a staff liaison to the commission and support other duties within HSCV.
The commission will receive $50,000 for the initial-year establishment to support a proposed community needs assessment and strategic planning process. $10,000 in annual funding was proposed for yet to be determined veteran and human service programs and to expand the city’s adaptive service offerings to support people with special needs.
The former seven-member Disability Advisory Commission (DAC) will initially transition to the new larger commission, with four seats to be filled by veterans, their family members or someone representing a veteran service organization. As the terms for the current DAC members expire, new commissioners will be sought.
The City Clerk will advertise the application process for those seeking to serve on the new commission through the city’s website. The goal is to have the new commission assembled to begin meeting in February 2019. Meeting dates and times will also be posted at

A Hot Lunch Program

A hot lunch program offers seniors a balanced nutritious meal at 12 noon. The congregate meal program is designed for adults age 60 and better, and adults with disabilities. The suggested contribution rate is $2.50 per meal.

Patrons between the ages of 50-59 that do not qualify for the meal program can participate for a suggested contribution of $5.00 per meal. Reservations must be made by noon, two business days in advance by calling 623.222.1500.

City of Surprise skip hall mayor

Arizona Republic: How to choose a contractor

The Attorney General’s Office also suggested the following tips for consumers:

Ensure the contractor is registered with Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Find reviews of the contractor, get written proof and details about the cost, and don’t pay the full cost upfront in cash.

Be concerned if the price is much lower than the average cost of service.

“Beware of fake contractors offering big promises and small prices,” Brnovich said. “Do your homework before hiring a contractor, and be wary of arrangements that require a large upfront payment before the work is done.”

City of Surprise skip hall mayor

Mr. Vukanovich,
Thank you for your question. We only televise the close of the Council meeting, following an executive session, if there is remaining action to be taken by the Council. The Mayor or meeting Chair makes that announcement before they go into executive session. If there is no action planned after the executive session, then we do not keep staff on site to televise the adjournment, as that is legally captured in the minutes kept by the City Clerk.
Thank you,

City of Surprise skip hall mayor

Current Opportunities to Serve

Seeking Applications for Voluntary Commissions

The City of Surprise is currently accepting applications for the following Commissions. All resident positions are voluntary.

Applications for the below mentioned commission are available for pick-up immediately and can be picked up from the City Clerk’s Office from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday – 16000 N. Civic Center Plaza. Applications are also available on this link. Please submit applications to the City Clerk’s Office in person or by e-mail to: Applications are always available for all boards and commissions and will be kept on file for future vacancies.
Veterans, Disability and Human Services Commission
4 Vacancies

City of Surprise mayor skip hall

February 15th, 2018

Good afternoon residents of Surprise,
I’m Terry Young, YOUR Surprise Police Chief. I wanted to share an important update regarding the sex offender community notification issue that we told you about last month.
On January 18, we announced a situation regarding our process for making sex offender community notifications. We advised that during calendar years 2016 and 2017 there were 22 community notifications that were not completed; and 10 offenders who had not been evaluated to determine whether or not they were subject to community notification. At that time, we promised to complete the backlogged notifications by the end of March 2018.
As of February 14, we have completed all past due evaluations/notifications.
We appreciate the support and understanding we received from our community as we worked to correct this situation. YOUR Surprise Police Department remains committed to the safety of our community. As such, we have provided additional oversight for the sex offender notification process and have taken steps to ensure such a lapse does not occur again.
In addition to the sex offender community notifications, you can also visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Sex Offender Registration website to identify whether there are registered sex offenders living near you. Here is the link: To view crime and police activity in your neighborhood or sign up to receive crime alerts you can visit
If you have any questions regarding sex offender community notifications, please contact our Criminal Investigations Division Commander Johnson at 623-222-4048. All other questions can be directed to the Surprise Police Department at 623-222-4000.
It’s our honor to serve YOU!
Terry Young

C.M. Roland Winters city of surprise

Rec Nights – Winter Wonderland
Friday, December 14, 2018
The hottest dance mixes are played, with laser light shows, games and themed events. Bring your friends for a fun place to hangout. Concessions will be available for purchase. Grades 6th – 8th!
December 14, 2018
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sierra Montana Recreation Center
14861 N Spring Ln
Surprise, AZ 85374
$5 per entry