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BACKGROUND As part of the approved FY2017 Annual Audit Plan, in June 2017 the Internal Auditor commenced with an audit of the City Clerk’s Public Records Request Process. The City Clerk serves as the City’s official records custodian. Records request can be submitted directly to the City Clerk’s Office, City Court, the Fire-Emergency Department and the Police Department. This report focuses on records requests processed by the City Clerk’s Office. The City Clerk’s Office consists of one appointed staff member (City Clerk) and four fulltime employees. FY2017 daily operations were supported by a City Council amended approved budget of $389,000. A key departmental goal is to provide timely public access to City information. The City Clerk’s Office averages approximately 488 requests for public records annually, as summarized in the following chart: Performance Measure FY2017 Target FY2016 Target FY2015 Actual FY2014 Actual Number of Request for Public Records 500 500 400 550 % of Public Records Requests Completed in 3-5 days 95% 95% 95% 92% (Data in table obtained from FY2017 Final Budget Book.) Records requests are received by the City Clerk’s Office through online submission of the City’s request for a public records form, via email, fax, walk-ins, and subpoena. A manual process is in place for tracking and monitoring the status of requests. Access to records is governed by Arizona Public Records Law, which is a series of laws that are designed to guarantee public access to public records of government bodies at all levels in Arizona. Arizona Revised Statues (A.R.S.) §39-121 guides municipalities related to public records requests. Additional guidance for managing the City’s records request process includes the City Municipal Code, the Public Records Request Handbook (Handbook) created by the City Attorney’s Office in August 2009, internal City Clerk’s Office policy manual, and other applicable citywide daily operational policies and procedural manuals. OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE
The objective of the audit was to determine whether City public records requests policies and procedures were being complied with and to examine current practices for opportunities for improvements.

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Internal Audit Reports, are these reports so far behind.

FY2017-2018 Reports

  1. Community & Recreation Services Cash Handling Audit Report
  2. 2018 City Clerk Public Records Request Audit Report
  3. Annual Audit Recommendations Status Summary Report

I hit on No. 1: A report dated September 20, 2017 came up to Bob Wingenroth from Carol Holley, internal auditor

In June 2017, the Internal Auditor conducted an audit of the City Clerk’s Public Records Requests Process. The objectives of the audit were to determine whether City of Surprise (City) policies and procedures were being complied with and to examine current practices for opportunities for improvements. While audit observations, testing, and interviews determined the City Clerk’s Office is complying significantly with policies and procedures, opportunities exist to strengthen compliance with policies, procedures, regulations, and efficiencies in service. City public records request can be submitted directly to the City Clerk’s Office, City Court, Fire-Medical Department and the Police Department. The scope of this audit was limited to the records requests received and processed by the City Clerk’s Office. Over 670 public records requests were received by the City Clerk’s Office during FY2017. The audit included interviews with staff members from various departments, review of 10% of requests received during FY2017, a review of policies and procedures, and an assessment of fees. A critical component of the City Clerk’s Office public records requests process is the timely and efficient completion of requests. Records requests were completed by the City Clerk’s Office 49.9% of the time during FY2017 within the three-day period required by internal policies. Results from audit procedures determined that policies and procedures related to the public records requests process are not current and fail to identity key tasks and responsibilities to foster ownership of processes. The manual nature of processes creates opportunities for automation of processes to decrease potential errors and duplication of efforts. Opportunities exist for the City Clerk’s Office to enhance segregation of duties and strengthen controls over rates charged for copies.

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City of Surprise

CITYWIDE – Consideration and action to select a resort feasibility study proposal for recommendation to City Council.
Kendra Pettis, Sports and Tourism Director provided the recommended proposals for Commission evaluation and selection – CBRE, Inc., AECOM, and HLA (Hotel and Leisure Advisors).

Members asked if after the services, the information provided was not up to the specifications listed in the scope of work – what were the additional options. Staff stated that the scope of work, outlined the specifics and items that were necessary to include.

Motion to recommend that the City Council proceed with hiring CBRE to conduct a resort feasibility study.

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City of Surprise

The purpose of the City of Surprise’s Tourism Grant Fund is to promote eligible tourism activities within the City of Surprise. Eligibility is defined broadly to encourage wide participation and innovative event proposals. The tourism fund is generated by the monetary source derived from the City’s share of sales taxes collected through overnight stays within the City of Surprise (Bed Tax Rates). Recommendations on use of the funds are developed by the City of Surprise Tourism Advisory Commission and approved by City Council.

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City of Surprise

The City of Surprise and Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce have had a long standing partnership for over 50 years. The current agreement with the city and chamber is a multi-year membership and facility use agreement which was entered into December 1, 2015 and lasts through June 30, 2019. The chamber and city collaborate on a number of projects to enhance economic development opportunities within the community. The current membership agreement includes a partnership on the visitor center.

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Deputy City Manager / Water Resource Management Director Terry Lowe Terry began his service as the city’s Deputy City Manager in December 2018. He coordinates the following departments: Community Development; Public Works; and Water Resource Management.
These are the teams that provide the city’s building and design standards; manage capital improvement projects; provide sanitation services; maintain city streets; support water and wastewater utilities, while planning for the city’s water future.
Terry joined the city of Surprise in 2005 as a member of the Public Works Department where he was successful in managing many city projects, including the construction of City Hall, the Public Safety Facility, and many fire stations. As Director of the Water Resource Management Department, he oversees the Water and Wastewater utilities, the Environmental Division focused on regulatory compliance, and future water planning.
Before joining Surprise, Terry’s career included both public and private sector experience.
He holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in engineering from the Catholic University of America and the University of Maryland respectivel

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We have a long line of new business license’s on the city’s web site.

Why can’t we have a list of the city’s ordinances & resolutions on the web site as well.

The city council members should look at our archives file and bring it up to date.
City Council Working Group – Old Town Site Stakeholders Agenda
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We have a long line of business licenses on the city’s web site

Why can’t we have a list of our ordinances & resolutions on our web site also.

The city council members should look at our archives file and bring it up to date.
City Council Working Group – Old Town Site Stakeholders Agenda
All Archives
No agendas
 There have been no meeting agendas posted y

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City of Surprise,
Mayor Skip Hall – CM Roland Winters – CM Nancy Hayden – CM David Sanders – CM Patrick Duffy – CM Ken Remley – CM Chris Judd

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City of Surprise,
Mayor Skip Hall – CM Roland Winters – CM Nancy Hayden – CM David Sanders – CM Patrick Duffy – CM Ken Remley – CM Chris Judd

Public Meetings and Public Hearing Rules Individuals wishing to address the City Council on specific items, during public hearings or at the Call-to-the-Public segment of the City Council Meeting shall be required to abide by the following rules:

1. Citizens wishing to be heard will be required to fill out a speakers request form and turn it into the City Clerk prior to the time the issue is called by the Mayor.

2. Staff will make opening comments describing the issue, providing details and staff recommendations to the City Council.

3. Parties to the action will be provided up to 10 minutes to present their request and position.

4. The Mayor will open the Public Hearing to the general public.

5. Each individual will be allowed to speak only once on an issue. Each speaker will be restricted to three (4) minutes (May be adjusted to five (5) minutes by the Mayor if number of speakers is limited and time permits). Mayor will announce any time adjustments at the beginning of the hearing. Organized groups with one spokesperson may be allowed double time by the Mayor, time permitting.

6. Speakers will go to the microphone, give your name and address for the record. You will be required to complete your statements prior to the Council or Staff responding. This will assure the speaker their full time. Should the speaker ask questions, the questions will be responded to following the completion of this statement and as directed by the Mayor.

7. Speakers and members of the audience will not be permitted to enter into verbal exchanges during this period of time. All questions should be directed to the Mayor/Chairman.

8. Council members and staff may ask questions at the conclusion of the statement. An additional two (20 minutes will be permitted for this action.

9. The party to the action will be permitted five (5) minutes for rebuttal and a closing statement.

10. Respect the rights of the parties speaking whether you support or disagree with them. Parties falling to abide by these rules will be removed from the Council Chambers.

11. Personal comments are excluded: The Mayor and City Council will not accept comments of personal nature about any individual or group of individuals during council meetings since such discussion is not part of the business of the City. Persons making such comments may be excluded from the meeting.

12. People wishing to express personal views about individuals or groups of individuals may do so in writing by submitting your statements to the attention of :

City Manager and/or the Mayor Surprise City Hall 16000 N. Civic Center Plaza Surprise, AZ

Please attach any written materials to be distributed to the City Council. Materials must be received prior to the calling of the issue by the Mayor. If written notes are used during your address, please provide a copy to the City Clerk