councilman david sanders

Our own code books tells us that in Davids case his term would end when the city held an election.

The Surprise City Council appointed David Sanders a council man in 1919 to serve until Jan. 1, 2020, because of the action taken by the council Oct. 6, 2020 David is resigning Nov. 2. Mr. Hastings has said “we just wanted what was legal” if that was the case why did the council pass Ordinance # 2020-31. I believe the council did a dis-service to David. Councilman David Sanders should stay on the council until the first of January……………………………………………………… After reading the state law, I now believe that the city was right in their decision to place Mr. Hastings on the council. According to the state law below it appears that Coucilman Sanders term expired when we held an election.

State Law…………………Regardless of the cause of a vacancy in the office of a mayor or councilmember, the vacancy is filled either by appointment or election at the council’s option. An election alternative to filling vacancies was enacted by the 2003 Legislature. If the mayor’s office is vacated temporarily by a permitted absence, the council may appoint one of its members to serve as mayor.

Law enacted in 2011 modifies the method of filling vacant seats on city and town councils in non-charter municipalities, based on when the vacancy occurs. If the vacancy occurs more than 30 days before the nomination deadline, the appointment is until the next regularly scheduled council election. If the vacancy occurs less than 30 days before the nomination deadline, the appointment is for the whole length of the unexpired term.

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