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I started this Web site in March 2007 It was, and is, my intention to inform the citizens of Surprise of current events, decisions made by the Surprise City Council and the happenings within our city government. 

Agendas must contain information reasonably necessary to inform the public of the matters to be discussed or decided. A.R.S. ยง 38-431.09. Agendas must be available at least 24 hours before the meeting.
City Council Reports (CCR) are an important communication tool for the City Council. Typically, the Mayor or a Councilmember will ask the City Manager for information on a subject or issue. The Manager asks staff to provide a report to the entire City Council with the requested information.

We passed Ordinance 2013-09 on the 12th day of Nov. 2013 and I believe it is still law.  It requires all candidates elections to be held in November, was it wrong holding our election in August ? Because if we had followed our city and state laws Mr. Hastings would have been placed in office.

I recently asked the city officials in Surprise the questions below, they woun’t reply

We elected our council members in August, was this in violation of city ordinance # 2013 – 09 ? am I reading this right when it appears that we should have the elections in November.

On November 7, 2017 registered voters in Surprise approved the three *General Obligation (GO) Bond questions in the areas of Public Safety, Traffic Congestion Mitigation and Pavement Preservation. The three questions represent 10 Capital Improvement Projects for a total bond amount of $59.5 Million. (View Election Results)

This website will be updated regularly through 2022, when all projects are expected to be complete. Please check back often for status updates, photos on project progress, financial reports and other important information.

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I asked the city
How can I get a copy of ordinance 2020-31 on the website ? That was voted on their Oct. 6 meeting. The reply I received was, you can find that information on the website. Regular city council meeting (04/21/2020) item # 6 Please see below

I am no lawyer but Ordinance 2020-31 that the council is voting on in the next  council meeting confuses the whole issue. What is in the book now is understandable.