city of surprise

We approved the “HOME RULE” proposition, giving us control over the city’s spending versus the state. Without Home Rule , the city’s budget would be determined by a state-imposed formula.

In Arizona some city’s elect their council members at large, others including Surprise elect council members by district. Douglas elects by wards, Districts verus Wards These are both terms for part of a city or town. A ward is always a legally defined political subdivision. A district may be legally defined, but this word can also be used in an informal sense to describe any area.

CITY OF SURPRISE Boards and Commissions Nominations Committee members Chair Roland F. Winters, Jr., Committee Member, Ken Remley and Committee Member, Nancy Hayden.

The mayor shall either designate three council members to serve as the nominations, or designate one councilmember to serve as the chair of the nominations committee, with the chair selecting two additional councilmember to serve on the nominations committee. The mayor may make this designation for each opening, or the mayor may elect to appoint a nominations or chair on an ongoing basis, during which all openings would be addressed until such time as the mayor elects to make a new designation.

A.R.S. §38-431.03 The motion to go into Executive Session must cite the purpose of the Executive Session and must be adopted at an open meeting.